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“What is central is the inner problem, which preoccupied me and which coloured the whole production in a very specific way: namely the fact that in the course of its development humanity is constantly struggling between spiritual, moral entropy, the dissipation of ethical principles, on the one hand, and on the other — the aspiration […]

4. stille nacht


silent night, holy night/all is calm, all is bright/ round yon virgin mother and child/holy infant so tender and mild/ sleep in heavenly peace/sleep in heavenly peace;/ Morning- Frank O’Hara I’ve got to tell you how I love you always I think of it on grey mornings with death in my mouth the tea is […]



a week has more or less passed and life has been good. in fact, there seems to be a distinct uplifting of spirits now that we are all no longer cadets. dan seems to be happier than he was before. its perhaps the result of a natural mindset change. now as officers, one feels ta […]



“Do I dare /Disturb the universe? /In a minute there is time /For decisions and revisions /which a minute will reverse. ” – TS Eliot, Love song of Alfred J. Prufrock general disquiet and uncertainty over future. yet to have a university, brain in no state to suffer the torment of sats. uncertain army schedule […]



“KNIGHT People are troubled by so much. MIA It’s always better when one is two. Have you no one of your own? KNIGHT Yes, I think I had someone. MIA And what is she doing now? KNIGHT I don’t know. MIA You look so solemn. Was she your beloved? KNIGHT We were newly married and […]

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