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The piano has been drinking my necktie is asleep and the combo went back to New York the jukebox has to take a leak and the carpet needs a haircut and the spotlight looks like a prison break cause the telephone’s out of cigarettes and the balcony’s on the make and the piano has been […]

“And so it was I entered the broken world To trace the visionary company of love, its voice An instant in the wind (I know not whither hurled) But not for long to hold each desperate choice.” – Hart Crane “Sally ,take my hand Travel south crossland Put out the fire Dont look past my […]

” One by one they appear in the darkness: a few friends, and a few with historical names. How late they start to shine! but before they fade they stand perfectly embodied, all the past lapping them like a cloak of chaos. They were men who, I thought, lived only to renew the wasteful force […]

is a good book. dostoyevsky has proven once again why he is close to becoming my favourite author. it seems that i have a soft spot for fiction of a more sweeping philosophical nature- books that deal with the metaphysical and universal, rather than the physical, the political, the social, and the immediate. also, i […]

8. 8pm


2nd, january 8pm, 45 minutes before another book in. before this, quiet steamboat dinner with family and wine. before that, 4n class reunion at crystal jade followed by a random bout of lanning. after that- beach road to purchase needed army supplies. the cycle of the year is at an end. it would be very […]

7. ikiru


ikiru, being the transitive verb to live in japanese. As time magazine declared upon reviewing akira kurosawa’s film nearly 50 years ago- “to live is to love, the rest in cancer.” and indeed ikiru was humane and compassionate and brilliant. from the acting (the watanabe look of utter abject self effacing resignation and despair) to […]

“WIDER IMPLICATIONS OF SADDAM’S DEATH SENTENCE: That Saddam has been tried for past atrocities is in most respects a positive development for Iraq. The use of capital punishment, however, might be symbolic of a systemic flaw in the US approach to the occupation since the fall of Baghdad. With self-serving mea culpas abound, and more […]