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* This week: read palestine by sacco (after previously reading ‘the fixer’ and ‘war’s end: profiles from bosnia’), contemplated the universe of absolute infallible distance, watched paprika (after a night of dilly- dallying about town, dinners, drinks and the other implements used to scale the sheer face of indolence), caught an indie band in action […]

“He got the action, he got the motion Yeah, the boy can play Dedication devotion Turning all the night time into the day” -Walk of Life (Dire Straits) * on the way home, it suddenly struck me that the difference between me and my men was that they were living their lives, while i was […]

headed home tonight after another ndp rehearsal, sat on the bus and watched the night unwind like sinatra’s voice. – i went to two starbucks today in suntec city today (which incidentally has 3 starbucks), searching for the perfect ambience. in between, sat on a bench outside till the slight patter of rain drove me […]

* friday- watched diehard 4.0, after that decided to be adventurous and went to zouk after being jio-ed by some of my guys to go there. not a bad experience, but neither was it a really awesome experience. Determined to try out new things, step out of my comfort zone- go to places i have […]

36. vale


* read camus for the weekend, camus whose humanism and absurdity depresses me. camus who was hyperconscious and thus a visionary? (maddened with the dilemma of living,), If the root of all discourse is emotion, (for most often its the emotion that compels the intellect to justify it, not the other way round,) then the […]