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* my left knee is broke. finally finally broke. hit the road for army half marathon today. woke up at 3 (the time i usually sleep), took the wrong bus trying to get to the esplanade. eventually cabbed. run was exhilarating for the first hour, but legs can only take so much. for the last […]

44. pause


(Heat, Mccauley in blue) (‘Pacific‘ by Alex Colville, the inspiration for the above scene) (courtesy of wiki)



on duty now. saturday sleeps contented with dreams of flight. i am alone in camp now and there is nobody around. plans for today didnt materialize (like many other days). i am very sedate. i feel contemplative, but that is an illusion- i am too tired to think thoughts other than those that please me or reinforce what […]



I dreamed I saw St. Augustine, Alive as you or me, Tearing through these quarters In the utmost misery, With a blanket underneath his arm And a coat of solid gold, Searching for the very souls Whom already have been sold. “Arise, arise,” he cried so loud, In a voice without restraint, “Come out, ye […]

“i wrote on city paper,   walked down the scrummed steamy streets   excitedly with a dirt black canvas bag and markers   scribbling on the tickly sores of the tar road,   the nose of unmarked doors,   the beige face of toilet walls-   over the gaping bald spot on the top of […]