on duty now. saturday sleeps contented with dreams of flight. i am alone in camp now and there is nobody around. plans for today didnt materialize (like many other days). i am very sedate. i feel contemplative, but that is an illusion- i am too tired to think thoughts other than those that please me or reinforce what i already know.

watched heat just now. one of the best movies i have seen recently. michael mann is a lovely director (collateral was a rare delight). both heat and collateral are set in los angeles, both deal with disconnected, isolated individuals caught in a disorienting and alienating urban landscape that is strangely beautiful (breathtaking scenes of LA skyline, complemented with spaced ambient electronic synth). heat is a subtle and nuanced character study of cop and criminal and their relationships to the people around them. it is not a story about archetypes, but a story about human beings and the tension between their professional and private lives.

in collateral, vincent remarks: ‘I read about this guy who gets on the MTA here, dies. Six hours he’s riding the subway before anybody notices his corpse doing laps around LA, people on and off sitting next to him. Nobody notices.’  in heat, maccauley centres his life around the creed ‘dont allow anything into your life which you cannot walk out on in thirty seconds flat if you spot the heat around the corner.’ lovely.


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