phuket was a nice experience. Not just the place, but the anonymity of being a stranger in a strange place, the utter effacement of responsibility. For a few days, the feeling of being a complete civilian. the fruit of the mulberry tree.

bought beer singlets, drank alot of cheap thai beer, ate alot of salty food, shopped a little, got heavily sunburnt, and essentially, having good conversations with friends discussing the most inane things. lost my spectacles, discovered the sleazy phenomenon of patong, and strangely enough found out that most of the shopkeepers at patong are not thai but indian migrants.

the corollary of writing is a sense of inaction. when we are busiest, we hardly find time to process our thoughts, refine them into linguistically comprehensible structures. nor does it occur to us to blog (unless it has become a matter of pure habit, independent of insight). paradoxically, writing about action is a substitute for action itself. it is perhaps the mark of a season of listlessness, the air growing heavy with words.

therefore: if i do not write, all is well. if the writing offers no satisfaction, my life is eventful.

going to australia in a few minutes for training. the terrain is difficult. the distance is large and empty.

a few discoveries since the last time, namely the phenomenon of the mp3 blog. have been downloading free albums of bands i never really got down to listen to. young upstart indie bands doling out vibes confidently, as well as older shoegazing and dreampop bands- music sounding a distance away.


2 Responses to “48.”

  1. 1 nurul

    i have an alt scottish music cd, remind me to lend it to you, is quite interesting. try shooglenifty. be safe, joel.

  2. http://community.livejournal.com/film_stills/839756.html

    you will like this i think.

    and send the mp3 site lar. dont be so selfish.

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