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* “Homo Sentimentalis cannot be defined as a man with feelings (for we all have feelings), but as a man who has raised feelings to a category of value. As soon as feelings are seen as a value, everyone wants to feel; and because we all like to pride ourselves on our values, we have […]



it has been a long time since the last post. a few events, rushed days and the feeling of time spent, and one stops writing. gradually, realize the total lack of real necessity of writing, and grow content in its absence. we write to chronicle the events in our lives, and we write because it […]

4th of december was my last day in camp. it was a bittersweet day. the goodbyes were rushed. had a long talk with my co who was effusive in demonstrating his appreciation for the effort put in. was a much welcome affirmation, considering the many doubts i had on the job itself. cleared the last […]

Ramona, come closer, Shut softly your watery eyes. The pangs of your sadness Shall pass as your senses will rise. The flowers of the city Though breathlike, get deathlike at times. And there’s no use in tryin’ To deal with the dyin’, Though I cannot explain that in lines… I can see that your head […]

australia was a worthwhile experience. while the attraction of phuket was the sense of utter anonymity and effacement of responsibility that comes from being a tourist, wallaby was about taking on the weight of total responsibility. no weekends or bookouts to distract. a platoon of 40 soldiers became my sole preoccupation for nearly 3 weeks. […]



phuket was a nice experience. Not just the place, but the anonymity of being a stranger in a strange place, the utter effacement of responsibility. For a few days, the feeling of being a complete civilian. the fruit of the mulberry tree. bought beer singlets, drank alot of cheap thai beer, ate alot of salty […]



finally understand the feeling of imminent closure. amidst clearing bits of off and leave, went home for the first time in 2 years on a weekday afternoon with the sun still out and the train packed with young students staking their claim to the revels of the day. A feeling unexperienced and almost forgotten. when […]